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Fundraisers for Centers

MRP is for the public, by the public. The fundraisers are for the first MRP center, future centers, and the supplies for doing MRP. The fundraisers, unlike regular donations, require time, effort, and literally days and weeks of work. As such, because a product is being made, 10% of the money generated from fundraisers will go to MRP. I’m already going to be doing the actual work of MRP, so taking any amount of money from a product I make is going above and beyond to make this all happen—I’m already donating myself. For donations, 100% of the money will go to MRP, because that doesn’t involve labor to make a unique product. All funds generated can be examined in the Donations Report videos on the MRP YouTube channel. (The YouTube channel and videos have yet to be made, but the money is still being tracked.)

“MRP Center” is a fancy term for a building where MRP is taking place. Any general building, such as a house or even a farm can be an MRP center with the right setup.

The supplies are a spectrum of basic things for doing MRP in the center, and maintaining general upkeep, such as organic produce, a blender, vacuum, refrigerator, etc.

There will be a two week test that I will oversee at the center. If all goes well, more people will accepted, I will have someone else take over the homeowner tasks for this first center, and I will expand the amount of MRP centers.

The overall dynamic as to how everything will work is this: There’s a homeowner who has a friend with cancer come over for two weeks.

It’s that simple.

Transparency will be continuous throughout this process, and you can check the Updates section for information as to what’s happening. The Updates section functions as a journal of current events.

Different buildings are now being considered for becoming a center to initiate the test. All of them have a lease for 1-2 months, and all of them have similar prices. Multiple locations were chosen because any one of them could be unavailable at any moment. They are in various locations, ranging from New Jersey to Arizona. More info will be released once a place is chosen; I will post both photo and video updates about the center.

The Two Week Test costs $4,000.


$0.00 out of $4,000 has been raised.

This progress bar will update daily.

Add a dollar!

All donations will be publicly accounted for here.

Bear in mind, PayPal takes a percentage of the donation out, depending on where you are located and what type of currency you are using, so the meter won’t fill up exactly as you donate. For example, if you donate $5.00, the meter may increase by $4.52.


There are two fundraisers available: Custom CM Videos and a Mentorship Program.

Unlike regular products and services presented on Iamniverse, the fundraiser services are relatively expensive because they are intended to pay the bills for the MRP centers. The funds generated from the mentorship program and custom CM videos will be enough to get the ball rolling with MRP to help a multitude of people. As things progress, phase 2 will begin.


$10k — Available!


$20k — Available!


$6k — Accepting Orders!

Videos take half a month to make. CM videos aren’t like regular YouTube videos showing a person hanging out talking—they are hard to produce. They involve creative diagrams that aid in explaining esoteric, complex topics. I have to build the script, sketch the diagrams, find public domain and or royalty free photos and videos that complement the script and diagrams, make the diagram graphics, record and edit the audio, then finally put it all together as one video. If you went to a professional or amateur animation studio they’d at minimum charge 10k just for the visual portion, let alone the scripting, audio recording, and audio editing.

The videos take time to make, so those who order later, will have a longer waiting period.

If orders get too backed up, this service will be unavailable for a good while.

Get your very own consciousness mechanics video while you can!


Now remember, although these services may seem interesting, they aren’t just for fun; they’re for creating a center to cure people of disease—the money is going towards helping to save lives. Feel good knowing that what you buy or donate is going towards an extremely beneficial cause, and that you are directly sending physical support to help others in serious need. Buying these fundraisers is literally buying good karma, because you are actively doing your part to physically rid the world of disease.

For more info about fundraisers and MRP centers, click here for the Q&A section!