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Custom CM Videos

What is being offered is your very own, personal consciousness mechanics video, on any topic you’d like. You know when I dive into a particular topic, I dive deep. You’ll get that deepness in your custom video. Also, one option is that I can personalize the video just for you, by including your name in the narration, so when you watch the video, it sounds like I’m talking directly to you, which I am. I explain this further down on this page.

When I make a consciousness mechanics video, I analytically meditate on a topic (I get all sorts of images and information through the center of my brain, aka mind’s eye), I write a script, I sketch-design diagrams and then recreate them digitally, find complementary royalty-free stock media, record and edit my reading of the script for a narration, and do all sorts of other stuff to make the video come together smoothly. All of this is actually more complex than I’m making it sound; for example, making a script involves different drafts to make it as rich with precise, clear information as possible. The whole process usually takes around 2-3 weeks. As such, the video will cost $6,000. This is actually pretty cheap for 2+ weeks of video production work. Professional and amateur studios alike would charge $10,000 at the bottom, and they wouldn't provide the intellectual, musical, and narration content—$10k would be for graphics alone.

In doing this work just for you, and as such, the video must be about your chosen topic involving the nature of reality, or some spiritual concept you would like explained mechanically. This includes controversial hot topics like death, the human mind, spirit, God, chakras—any topic you’re passionate about that you would like a mechanical explanation on.

Now remember, this is a fundraiser for creating a public test to cure cancer. By ordering your custom video, you are helping yourself, as well as others. You’re literally, directly, physically helping to potentially save a life. I put this as a reminder to not lose sight as to why I’m offering this service in the first place.


Here are more important details you must know, and agree to:

• The video will be from 15 to 25 minutes long. The average CM series video is a little under 10 minutes, so this is a long video as far as CM video length goes.

• The video will not have filler ads for books or the movie DVD or anything. There will be a small intro and outro featuring the IAMNIVERSE logo and credits, but it will be shorter than the normal videos publically available.

• Only 3 videos per person (this may change in the future). I’m limiting the amount of videos I make for one person, because I don’t want to get bogged down only making videos for one individual. Also, remember this: whatever topic you choose a video on, you will get the most information out of. So if you want a video about “what happens after you die,” ordering one video all about that specific topic will be more informative than a video with many sub-topics, such as “life and death.”

• I reserve the right to decline a video topic. If I feel it’s inappropriate, or there isn’t enough information for me to make a video about it, or it’s cramming too many different specific concepts into one.

• I reserve the right to be wrong. I don’t know everything, and will never pretend to. I will deny a topic if I feel I wouldn’t be able to make a good video out of it, but you must also understand that I may learn new information that can render my old perspective somewhat obsolete. Granted, I feel this way about all my work, so if you like the consciousness mechanics stuff currently out, this shouldn’t be an issue.

• I reserve the right to use some of the content in a future CM video. I’ll never just take the video I made for you and post it publically, but I may use some of the content in future public videos. With so many possible topics a client could ask a custom video on, I can’t allow that to handicap the youtube channel.

• I reserve the right to not issue a refund. If you are dissatisfied with the product, I will be more than happy to make alterations to your liking. What I won’t do is invalidate two weeks of work. Here is an example of what I won’t allow to happen: Someone orders a custom video and in two weeks decides they don’t want a video anymore.

• You will not post or recreate the video onto YouTube, or anywhere publicly online, such as a forum, Facebook, or Vimeo. This is a private video for you.

• You will not sell or profit from my video. I still own the copyright.

• I will send you a link to download the raw video, and will have the video available to you for 1 year. YouTube lowers the quality of videos, so I will send you an HQ version. The video is your responsibility from then on. After 1 year, I may no longer have your video file to give you again. I probably will, but I might not. Accidents happen. If within the year you lose the file, I’ll happily re-send it. Afterwards, I’ll probably still have it, but if I don’t you’ll have to order another, unless I can easily re-create it from source files (remember, it would take another 2 weeks to re-create). I have to mention this because sometimes people lose an e-book they bought from me years ago and I re-send it, but custom CM videos are a personal thing I may not have years later.

• If you’d like, I can make the video more personalized specifically for you, and use your name in the video. This will allow some people to resonate with the content more. Here’s an example: Regular Video: “So you see, although time is an illusion, your experience of it is still real.” Personalized Video: “So you see Mary, although time is an illusion, your experience of it is still real.” This would allow for a real fun experience if you decide to make an audio file out of it.

Here’s a list of good topic ideas you may want to choose.


The process of ordering and receiving your video is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

#1 You purchase the service, and then e-mail moc.esrevinmai@soedivmcmotsuc (spelled backwards to thwart spam bots) about what topics you have in mind, and if you’d like it personalized with your name. You don’t have to e-mail, because I’ll contact you in 24 hours or less, but it will speed up the process.

#2 We’ll talk a little about what topic or topics you’ve chosen, so I know exactly what you mean and what kind of info you’re looking for. We will also discuss the waiting period or lack there of for me to make your video. If other people have ordered first, you will have to wait for me to finish their orders first.

#3 After the waiting period is over and I have created your video, I’ll send you the raw video.



For serious inquiry, e-mail here:


It’s spelled backwards to thwart spambots.