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Custom CM Videos

A lot of the topics suggested are spiritual, simply because they are fun topics. Also, many of them are too taboo to be put on the IAMNIVERSE youtube channel. I’m suggesting these, because a lot of the consciousness mechanics videos I have planned are based upon the structure of the common human experience, and won’t get too “spiritual” for a while. Long story short, I’m not going to be making videos with these topics for the youtube channel anytime soon, if ever, which is why I’m suggesting them.

• Death. What happens after you die, and the overall dying process.

• God.

• Activating the proverbial third eye.

• The concept of chakra.

• Life. What makes something “alive”? What’s the difference between the life of a tree and the life of a human; the life of an animal and the life of a human? Are planets, and other solar bodies alive?

• The human mind.

• Mind. A little different topic focus than the human mind, which is a specific thing. It’s analogous to “Matter” versus “Human Matter.”

• The brain.

• Sexuality. This has to do with consciousness, because it is literally an expression of how consciousness perpetuates itself in the physical world.

• Karma.

• The concept of other lives, such as “past lives,” “future lives,” and “concurrent lives.”

• Out-of-body experience, also known as “astral projection.”