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Mentorship Program

The mentorship program is a private, personal version of the group-class Lessons in Consciousness service.

The difference between a regular one-on-one and the mentorship program is that the mentorship program can function like a personal class, wherein I’ll go through different subject matters I feel any person can constructively use to have the most informed, enjoyable, lucid, enlightened human experience possible. I will explain many esoteric spiritual concepts in a grounded, mechanical way. The mentorship program can function like a schedule of personal classes, all about you and what topics you’d like to explore.

The regular one-on-one service featured on the Iamniverse site is a free-for-all, in-the-moment experience, and I don’t prepare information beforehand. The mentorship program can function like that, but it’s up to you.

• The mentorship program is a spiritual bonding with yours truly, for two hours a day. Ideally the session would happen through Skype, but any medium you prefer will probably be fine. This is noticably different from regular one-on-one sessions, wherein I don’t offer Skype sessions.

• Each day’s session will be recorded and sent to you in both video and audio form, after each sesson completion.

• By using this service, you agree to do the following: No distributing the media online or physically. No posting of the audio, transcript, or video on a public platform of any kind, such as through web forums, Facebook, or YouTube. The mentorship program is a private, personal event, not a public one.

I made Iamniverse, consciousness mechanics, and MRP, yet still have much information about the nature of existence to share with the world. I actually have over two more movies’ worth of consciousness mechanics info to put out. With my expertise, we can delve into anything you’d like—information on all aspects of the human experience is on the table. My favorites are anything involving life, death, and God. One of my passions in life is functioning like a “spirit guide” in physical form, wherein I get to help people with manifesting what they want out of life, and help others to understand the mysterious nature of mind, body, and spirit.

Poetically speaking, if you were to look at the human body and matter in general as a complex, geometric structure of light—light bent in a way that makes it seem solid to other expressions of light bent in a similar manner—my goal is to help raise your vibration in all ways possible: Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and all ways in between. I am here at your service.

Click here for a list of some topics I am knowledgeable of.

I have a talent wherein I can focus in the center of my brain and get pictures, mental movies, and feeling-information about whatever I’m thinking. It’s a kind of analytical meditation I’ve developed, which has allowed me to make consciousness mechanics. I’m going to be in this analytically meditative state from time to time when I communicate with you, so know that it may take me a little while to respond sometimes—“a little while” meaning several seconds to a minute. Normally I talk at a regular pace, but when I feel I need to answer or respond a certain way, I breathe deeply and go within myself to really feel out that response. Remember, words are just symbolic communications of thought-feelings. By me focusing inwards on my connection to you, it allows me to really get the message across as crystal clear as possible, rather than being a bit too ego focused, and less precise. Absolutely none of this will be an issue, but I mention it because it’s a notable part of how I communicate.

I say all this to drive home the fact that this mentorship program is worth every penny, and if what you’ve heard so far sounds useful and enticing, don’t hesitate to order this service. The mentorship program is crucial because the money will be used to fund the MRP center, and help save lives in the process. Nothing says “constructive energy exchange” like putting out towards helping yourself, in order to help others.





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