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Mentorship Program

Here is a list of enlightening ideas you can be assisted with:

Bear in mind, I’m proudly neither a doctor nor professional medical practitioner.

The ideas I share are neither medical diagnoses, medical advice, nor substitutes for them.

• My favorite topics are life, God, and death. I love these topics so much, I actually plan to make an entire book out of it, titled Life God Death. What’s meant by them being “my favorite topics,” is that these subject matters have been some of the prime motivators in my spiritual quest for knowledge. Understanding these principles of existence has awarded me a completely different perspective on the human experience, of which, is a perspective I am honored to share.

• Any and everything presented in consciousness mechanics.

• Theoretical and experiential concepts on reality creation.

• The basics of the mind’s relationship to the brain.

• The basics of mentality and thought’s relationship to matter. What “mind” is.

• Depression. I experienced clinical depression at one point in my life, and completely transformed it myself. I’ve found that most techniques for treating depression—medically, spiritually, and all ways in between—don’t actually cure it. All I’ve seen are elaborate, effective ways of coping with the depression, which is different that fully, totally removing it through transformation. “Treating” depression, “dealing with” depression, and “fighting” depression are not the same as completely transforming it. Depression isn’t something you beat, it’s something you either completely transform, or transform enough that you don’t notice that you are still depressed. Complete transformation means you can’t slip back into it. If you are suffering from depression at all, I can assist you in completely transforming it.

• Understanding the illusion of physical reality in greater detail.

• Learning a new philosophy on the nature of gender, relative to the human experience, in terms of the light spectrum as opposed to the stereotypical gender polarities.

• Human sexuality.

• A very basic overview of human history. Evolution is real—it’s the circumstantial adaptation to a particular environment, involving the birthing of new, unique DNA, reflective of a mental experience of physical survival. Now as for the hows and whys as to the mainstream concept of human evolution, and whether the theory is correct or not is another issue. What I’m talking about is an overview of human history in total—socially and spiritually—explaining why the world is at the stage it is in, and where it is headed. Hint: It’s positive and negative, but can ultimately be extremely positive. There are certain physical momentums and trends that have been created that can be observed right now.

• Ideas on how to heal your body of common ailments: E.g., myopia, acne, eczema, joint pain, excessive mental chatter.

• Ideas on how to heal your body of uncommon ailments.

• Healing addictions and learning the mechanics of addiction, relative to the human psyche.

• The topic commonly known as “pineal gland activation.”

• How to induce an out-of-body experience, aka “astral projection.”

• Exploring the metaphysical concept of “body chakras.”

• Dreams and sleep. What sleep is for and why it exists. What dreams are for, and how they are a spectrum of very different phenomena all ignorantly labeled as “dreams.”

• Knowing the sheer logic behind happiness, so you can take that base logic with you throughout all life events.

• What your “higher dimensional self” is, in relationship to your ego and physical body. “The higher self” is a common phrase bandied about in metaphysical circles, but I’ve found that the term has a specific meaning describing a specific thing, and isn’t just an abstract, catch-all phrase.

• Knowing and expressing your passion in life. I LOVE to help people further their careers and personal endeavors. I can’t stress this enough. Spiritual guidance is physical guidance. I can help you become more of what you are manifesting your life to be, in a very down-to-earth, pay-the-bills, practical way.