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Phase 1: Testing

$4k is being raised for the test. When $4k is raised, a place will be rented for the test, and will function as the first MRP center.

There will be one person to test MRP upon, to show the public that this is real, and that this works. The test will be fully documented. I might even have the volunteer make a blog to post videos and write in as a journal. If there is failure, this will be the final phase. If all goes well, things will proceed to phase 2.



Phase 2: Expansion

What matters is how much money is available. If enough funds are present, stage A will be skipped to stage B.

Stage A: Continuing MRP, and accepting more volunteers. $66k will need to be raised for a year’s rental of a four-bedroom building, and supplies for MRP.

After the test, money will be raised for a year’s lease of a four-bedroom building. It will either be the same place as the test or a different location, depending upon the amount of rooms the original center has. Also, short lease landlords don’t always want to continue leasing for a year; some do, some don’t. We’ll have to see if a new building is needed or not, depending upon which building is chosen, and how much funding is available.

This stage is limited. After fifty people are helped, the center will close, and all leftover funds will be used for stage B.


Stage B: Buying a building, and turning MRP into a nonprofit organization. $250k will need to be raised for buying a building with at least seven bedrooms, instead of renting.

As more people are accepted, if a new building cannot be bought, the rented place will cease to be rented after helping fifty people, and all donations and fundraiser money will be put into buying a building. I feel that after helping fifty people, there will be enough momentum to achieve $250k worth of fundraising. This will be done because it makes no sense to split the cost of buying a building with the cost of renting another. It’s better to buy a building as soon as possible, as it will serve in MRP taking its first steps towards becoming a stable nonprofit organization. If there is enough money to fund the rented place while the new location is being bought, then the rented area will continue to serve as a center until the new area is fully purchased.

I’ve done enough research to know what buildings to buy during the different stages, which is why each stage has a fixed price of how much money to be raised. Having a set amount of money to be raised aids in transparency as to what is exactly going on with MRP.


Stage C: As things progress, more buildings will be bought at various locations, and MRP will be turned into a nonprofit organization.

After more donations are received, that money will be used to open up more centers around the world that can do MRP for free, for people internationally. Centers don’t have to be fancy, and don’t have to be $200k-$250k buildings. A center could be as simple as a large building or farmhouse that has basic living facilities and organic produce nearby. There needs to be very little to create an MRP center. At this point, efforts will be made to attain all the licenses and permits necessary to turn MRP into an official nonprofit organization.



Phase 3: Technological Simplification

After a sufficient amount of funds have been generated through donation, there will be an effort to encapsulate all the biological events within the two weeks into about two hours. The entire process will be evolved into different kinds of devices. The magnetic realignment process will turn into the magnetic realignment apparatus—MRP will turn into MRA. One will be a flashlight-like device that will use EMFs to realign the biological chemistry of the person in a focused way. This is a completely unique and different method than other alleged electromagnetic cures for cancer; I’m not talking about “regular EMFs.” There are actually different types of EMFs modern science has no explanation for, such as the kind your brain allows you to see when you close your eyes and envision a purple dog—that envisioning is as real an energy type as the one you perceive with your physical eyes. I wrote a book that explains it somewhat (the book isn’t all about that), and in it, this energy-substance is called “HDEMF.” Another device would be a hat, that would function as aid for all disease concerning the head, including headaches. You could theoretically extend this technology to other areas of the body, such as gloves for the hands. Another will be a chamber of sorts, similar to a tanning bed that will deliver a full-body dose of what the hat and flashlight-like device provide.

The MRA tech will be used in the centers, and if there is a demand, a completely separate business entity will be made for public sale of the technology. The free MRP centers will still exist, however there’s no way you can just give out free technology incessantly without a constant stream of income. However, anything is possible—if there is enough public funding that the centers can coexist with the giving out of free technology, there will be no separate business entity made, and everything will remain free.