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Questions and Answers

There are two question and answer sections:

Click here to view fundraiser and MRP center questions, listed below.

Is MRP a non-profit charity?

So you are saying that if the test fails, you will not reimburse fundraiser supporters, but you will reimburse donators?

Are you going to put your own money towards the MRP center?

Why don’t you use a platform like gofundme or some other online platform?

Carlton, will you live at the MRP center?

Will the landlord know you’re making a MRP center out of their building?

Why are the fundraisers so expensive?

What about taxes?


Click here to view general MRP questions, listed below.

What’s the difference between MRP and the CC protocols?

Is this legal? You’re not a doctor are you Carlton?

Where can I find more info on Carlton?

What is the diet and lifestyle that is the effecting factor of MRP?

Really? Just diet? That’s bull.

Why do you think MRP will work?

What about the biopsy? It takes time for the results.

Why not just skip to the end of the timeline? Why not skip the MRP and just make the MRA?

This all sounds great! What can I do to help?!

What do you think is wrong with the normal cancer treatments? What are doctors missing?

You speak of cancer cures, have you heard of Burzynski?

Aren’t you scared you might make a mistake, or that someone may try to stop you from progressing if everything goes well?