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MRP involves a public test to demonstrate a potential cure for cancer. Read below to learn more about this unique approach towards curing illness and how it works. Also, be sure to check out the Questions and Answers section, it’s the longest section on the website with the smallest clickable link, so it’s easy to miss. That section thoroughly explains a broad variety of practical subject matters concerning MRP.



MRP stands for Magnetic Realignment Process. It is a method I, Carlton Cole—a regular person passionate about helping people—invented for curing disease. Matter is a magnetic substance, governed by nuclear actions of attraction and repulsion. By treating the body as an amalgam of magnets, you can cure disease by realigning the magnets into their natural state, as dictated by the DNA of one’s body. “Disease” is the natural blueprint of your DNA being expressed incorrectly—the disease is the misalignment of the magnets, which is expressed in all ways disease can express itself, including viral infection, because viruses are an amalgam of magnets as well. A viral infection is just another way the magnets of the body become misaligned, and thus “diseased.”

The magnetic realignment process is the process of realigning bodily magnets (the matter of the body) back to their natural template position, and thus back to their state of health.

The overall concept of MRP is actually very more complex than this, but that is one way of interpreting the base concept of what it is. A more precise definition of MRP would be “the process of transforming biological magnetic geometry into the configuration blueprinted by DNA.”

Also, as a side note, “MRP” should technically be referenced as “the MRP,” but it’s being written as “MRP” because the point is still clear and it just plain sounds better in some contexts.



There are many diseases that can potentially be cured through this method that are largely seen as incurable in the medical industry. One disease that involves a spectrum of types is cancer. If MRP can save lives, it should publicly be put into practice to stop needless fatalities. Also, most cancer treatments are extremely costly financially, physically, and emotionally. MRP is free, and after the public test, there will be no need for the dire dread associated with receiving treatment. 



There will be a demonstration of MRP in the form of a two week test, implemented for one person who has stage 1 or stage 2 cancer of some type. The entire event will be publicly documented. Over the two week period, the person with cancer will have to follow strict behavioral rules that will function as the core factor in correcting the disease. Afterwards, they will have a biopsy done by their doctor or associated medical establishment. If the cancer has not been ameliorated, it is a failure—no more people will be accepted, and there will be a public acknowledgment of failure. If the cancer has been ameliorated in any way, MRP should be considered a success, and continue week after week until it is fully cured. If it completely heals after the originally scheduled two weeks, more people will be accepted for MRP, and the timeline will progress accordingly.