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Hi, my name’s Carlton Cole. I made MRP and will be conducting its test for curing cancer.

I’ve been passionate about curing disease for many years now. Even as a child, it wasn’t my passion, but I had an innate frustration and curiosity concerning that my body would from time to time have minor and major issues. It fascinated me that my body could have any problems as all, and it was like a personal puzzle always bringing to my attention that “this problem needs to be solved,” and I noticed the doctor could never fully solve it—the doctor had issues too.

As an adult, I had a transformative experience that ignited a fire of knowledge seeking, and part of that was seeking health information, along with tons of other kinds of info, such as diet, and mechanical definitions about the nature of human reality experience. Upon seeking outwards info, I was forced to play the game of he-said-she-said, involving endless unclear, contradictory statements and articles by health practitioners, wherein the word health can mean everything and nothing simultaneously—anything can be called “healthly” or “unhealthy,” because it’s an opinion-based word. I soon learned the best source of information was direct observation.

One thing I’ve learned, through being associated with professional medical work in different ways, is that the medical industry is in the dark ages with regard to curing disease. It’s all about making money, and that commonly (not always) involves stringing people along through medications that don’t cure people, but only allow them enough comfort to keep paying for that medication. The medical industry is great at masking symptoms, but not great at fixing the root causes. For instance, in dermatology, the creams, lotions, washes, and tonic solutions commonly given out are a superficial help, and allow the person to still have the disease, but periodically mask the symptoms. Acne is the result of your body being colonized with pathogens, especially your liver, and has nothing to do with the skin, until the pathogens make their way to your skin. By putting on a wash or topical solution, it allows the distributer to make money off your ignorance, and off your disease that will never be fully cured. Even if the pimples stop manifesting as much through “old age,” all that happened is that the body has begun reacting differently to the colonization. The pathogens are still there, only destroying your body in other ways—people commonly call this bodily breakdown “senescence.” I call it the simple result of ruinae hominum.

This disease-money-making-scam treadmill practice pertains to acne, but I believe this is also being done with almost all diseases. From halitosis to AIDS. From my perspective, even when something seems cured, such as someone being cured of cancer, the pathogens that generated that disease are still in the body, and may or may not wreak havoc again, in other ways. From my perspective, cancer is the result of unnamed pathogens, and you don’t have to be on a death bed or have a tumor for this pathogen to be in your system. The manifestations of cancer you see are the result of this pathogen getting out of control with its breeding, feeding, and other destructive activities.

I’ve been experimenting for years now learning about how to kill pathogens, and MRP is the result of this magnificent, sometimes-painful trek.

That’s all I am. I am someone who experiments, and pays attention to detail concerning my experiments, and mentally log the successes and failures. I’ve experimented more than enough to have figured out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve done this without pay, without praise, without encouragement, and without physical help. No one told me to make this website—in fact, I’ve largely received people telling me to give it up or head in another direction. The loss of relatives and even a pet to disease, in the face of the fact that I could have cured them all if I had the correct resources, only serves as rocket fuel in overcoming my plight to help others.

Needless to say, I’m not giving up, and I have the physical proof and understanding of what I need to do. This website—and you reading it right now—is all a part of that process of putting myself out there, and getting the ball rolling on physically helping others, coming together with like-minds, and finally curing the world of disease.