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Magnetic Realignment Process

February 29th, 2020

There have been many new updates, from a new font to an entire public demonstration of MRP, including before and after photos and videos!

I wanted to publicly prove MRP works, so I gave myself various glaringly real diseases, and cured them using the MRP method!

I’ve also added various new pages, including home experiments, a page about detox, and a groundbreaking new body-cleansing method I invented, called “depath”—it’s an all new staple in maintaining health. Depath is even more necessary that detox, because unlike inanimate toxins, pathogens move around, multiply, eat the toxicity in your body and excrete even more toxic substances your body must remove. Involving a depath technique is crucial to anyone that takes their health seriously. MRP, itself, is an advanced detox-depath regimen, which is what sets it apart from any other health procedure you can find.

MRP also now has a YouTube channel, upon which I’ll create an abundance of videos.

Many steps have been taken to take MRP to the next level, and there are more steps being taken.


March 29th, 2018

If you’ve known about MRP before March, you’ve probably noticed the new website domain.

Also, the Q&A section has been highlighted to signify its importance. Upon clicking it, a link to a new project hub of mine appears in the top pagebar.

There are more updates to come in 2019.


July 13th, 2018

I’ve come into possession of an extremely large amount of precise and useful information about the nature of disease; ranging from specifics such as cancer, asthma, acne, eczema, and AIDS, to general info about being out of alignment with your body’s DNA (what “disease” really is). As such, my technique for curing cancer has been upgraded, along with my general approach to MRP.

MRP doesn’t really have a “version,” per se, but if it did, it would have been upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0 as of this date. MRP 2.0 is even more effective and groundbreaking in approach and medical theory.

I’ve learned about removing heavy metals and killing disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and fungi with specific herbs and foodstuffs. I’ve learned about the nature of what viruses, bacteria, and fungi even are, as intelligent, self-aware life forms functioning parasitically. I’ve learned new, groundbreaking, demonstrably provable information that adjuncts and sometimes goes against mainstream medical theory. One piece of info being that viruses, such as influenza (cause of “the flu”), actually consume and excrete certain substances, which gives them energy to reproduce. The influenza viruses that affect humans feed off chicken fats and flesh, with some strains so ferocious they can even kill a chicken, hence avian influenza, aka bird flu. Another piece of information is that most sweeteners feed pathogens. Examples of pathogen feeders: table sugar, brown sugar, raw brown sugar (evaporated cane juice), coconut sugar, beet sugar, and even agave nectar. Natural sugars in ripe fruit are killers of pathogens, and are as needed to run your body as air itself. Granted, I’m not talking about fructose and glucose specifically as isolated substances, but I don’t want to get into that because it will take too long to explain here. Rest assured I will get all this info out in due time.

One of the groundbreaking discoveries I’ve made is that thoughts also feed pathogens. Your thoughts themselves, not just their effect of your biochemistry that amounts to different bodily states, actually feed or help kill pathogens. This has to do with the HDEMF that the mind is, which I expound upon in Navigating the Matrix. If there were identical twins, both of which were carrying a mildly malignant virus, if both twins had extremely different emotional states and mental attitudes, both could potentially have extremely different expressions of disease. I’m speaking colloquially right now, but I will probably explain this further in a future MRP video. Long story short, your thoughts can be a type of medicine depending upon several factors, such as your brain health. One detriment to brain health is heavy metal poisoning, which is common from the methylmercury in fish, and from inorganic pesticides found on conventional produce.

And as of today, after the cancer test is completed, and multiple centers are created, I will see to it that a test is done for every socially relevant disease observable to modern man. Any socially relevant disease possible to exist in the human body will be attempted to be cured or inhibited—the common ones and rare ones. If a disease—along with certain disorders and ailments—can exist at all in the human body, it can be transformed with the correct approach within a certain timeframe. Certain diseases are fatal and can kill you in a matter of minutes, some you can be born with and still live a normal life, but all of them have a way to be transformed or inhibited.

Certain diseases are a guaranteed death sentence, for various reasons. One main reason is because the disease can function like a bullet to the head, and doesn’t allow time for amelioration. That’s why certain diseases and disorders can only be inhibited—they will be shown to be impotent under certain conditions, even with prolonged exposure to what causes them.

Diseases that no longer physically exist, and diseases that have no way of being observed or inhibited in social or laboratory conditions are by definition not relevant to modern man. An example of such a disease is the following: A unique disease that only one person has, and that person does not want to be treated at a center. Someone having a personal illness that effects no one else in the world is not socially relevant. In contrast, a disease that is extremely socially relevant is chicken pox. The common and rare socially relevant diseases’ cures will be demonstrated publically.

This will be hard to achieve in the beginning stages of MRP centers because so many diseases are gravely infectious. To get around that, all of this will take place in stage C of phase 2 on the timeline.

This may sound implausible, but the reason why this is all extremely plausible is because of how viruses, bacteria, fungi, general disease and the human body work. It is my estimation that basically all human disease is a technical process, that once addressed properly, allows one to cure basically anything. Every disease’s process is unique, but the basics for transmuting or inhibiting that process is the same. The fact that such a vast array of labeled afflictions exists, perpetuates the illusion that there are a vast amount of needed solutions. Every different disease seems to require a relatively unique approach or formula to remedy, when really there are a few for all of them. I will create a new section on this site about viruses, bacteria, and fungi that account for most disease. I’m still undecided as to what extent I will explain what “disease” and “a cure” is on this site, because some people will feel emboldened to do something irresponsible. I will probably put some general preventative guidelines for all disease up.

This leads to the topic of the future YouTube channel: Disease and disorders are complex and detailed in nature, with regard to how they come about and then ultimately transform as a process of healing, and as such, I will be making videos about this topic. I’m hesitant to put a timestamp on any of this because I have CM to work on currently, but this ball should be well rolling within a year.


March 28th, 2018

MRP is still alive and well. During the first week or so of revamping the MRP site, donations were received. Bizarrely enough, every donation was specifically towards Iamniverse, and not MRP. The first time this happened, I e-mailed the woman to make sure she didn’t mean to donate to MRP, and received no response. I then updated the Iamniverse donations page to starkly mention the difference. In honoring people’s intelligence and request, I didn’t further inquire any new donators about where their donations were meant to go, and as such, all donations made thus far were towards Iamniverse and not MRP.

Right now, I am focused on producing 25 consciousness mechanics (CM) videos, as it will generate more eyes of interest for MRP. After the 25 videos are completed, all attention will be concentrated on MRP. This is the plan for now, but this may change drastically, depending on several factors.

All in all, everything is going great. The site may appear inactive, but it’s not—its activity is being expressed through the new CM videos, insofar as it’s all connected. CM success is MRP success. And if you or someone you know would like to set up the test for $4,000, that can easily be arranged.


November 4th, 2017

Things are evolving already. Here are the changes that have been made and are underway.

Apologies for the Q&A section not being linked correctly on the pagebar. Before today, if you clicked the Q&A link in the pagebar on any page, you would get a 404 Not Found error. That has been fixed.

I am going to create an MRP YouTube channel. It will feature all sorts of videos, but mainly, there will be a Donations Report series that will report on every donation and all fundraiser money accumulated to that point. There may be a report for every month, or every two months, or every three months. What this series will also report is how the money is spent. The reporting of money spent will be general, as it would be insane to list each and every purchase, such as a pack of light bulbs because a light went out, 2 bags of oranges, the cold water wasn’t working so a plumber was called, and every minutia. The money spent will always correlate to donations and funds made, and you will be able to see this for yourself.

To aid in transparency, all donators and no fundraiser supporters will be stated in the Donation Report videos. No one’s specific names will be given, maybe just initials, and where they are from; e.g., “$5 by H.P. from Japan.” Or maybe just the first name and last initial, such as “$5 by Haruto P. from Japan.” Fundraiser supporters won’t be reported because they ordered a personal product, and would be a breach of privacy to imply who bought what.

In short, the money raised from fundraisers will be disclosed, but not the supporters. The money raised in donations will be disclosed, with the slight revealing of donators, because that’s just normal protocol when honoring donations.

This brings up another important announcement: Because I’m already going to be running the center and doing basically everything already, it makes no sense to work for literally weeks on top of that, just to make no money from that work. As such, it has been decided that I will take 70% of the fundraiser money for myself, and leave 30% for MRP. I won’t touch the donations, and you will be able to confirm all this in the donations report videos. The products of the fundraisers are works made with my own time and energy, so me not getting most of the profit would be analogous to someone volunteering to start a free soup kitchen, but barely eating themselves while attempting to make the kitchen and make the free soup. I’m going to be organizing all the MRP stuff, so the 70% I’m getting will basically still be used to towards MRP either way.

Also, the timeline has been quantified a bit. Check it out for yourself.


October 30th, 2017

MRP has finally been launched! Expect further updates concerning what building is chosen as the first MRP center, the status of the two week test, the status of the fundraisers, certain website changes, and the overall progression of the timeline. This section will function as a journal for all things MRP, and will feature any and all important news.

The timing of MRP being launched today couldn’t be more perfect: The exceptionally beautiful thing about today is that this month is breast cancer awareness month. Now is the perfect time to stop spreading awareness of cancer, and start spreading awareness of a possible cure.

The magnetic realignment process is that possible cure.