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Volunteer Requirements

If you or someone you know may be interested, feel free to show them this.

• You must be at least 18 or older. If you live with, or are normally under the care of parents or guardians they must give consent.

• You must be able to stay in the United States for at least two weeks and two days, without taking any kind of medication. If you have a prescribed medication you must take daily or within two weeks and two days’ time, you are not qualified for the test. Your specific mode of transportation doesn’t matter.

• Your cancer must be in stage 1 or state 2, but ideally stage 1, because it will allow the body to realign as fast as possible. The less cancer, the less realignment needs to be done. Because this is a test to see if MRP works, it only makes sense to have the process work as fast as possible, which entails starting with as little cancer as possible. If the test is a success, then later staged people will be accepted as well.

• You must be average to thin in size. This is because adipose (fat tissue) stores toxicity, and one way some bodies deal with toxicity is by creating an abundance of adipose. The more adipose, the longer the realignment process will take, because the toxins must be transformed and removed from the body. This happens naturally during the realignment process. Larger people will be accepted after this test is proved successful.

• You must not have animal allergies. This makes everything more simple, as I have two small pets.

• You must not have nut allergies. (If you have a peanut allergy that’s fine—peanuts aren’t part of the daily routine. Technically, they don’t even count as nuts because they are a unique nut-vegetable hybrid legume.)

• Preferably no metal teeth fillings. It would take too long to fully explain relative to the magnetic geometry model, so long story short, teeth fillings hold the body out of alignment, and metals are the worse—especially mercury fillings. They feed the pathogens needed to be killed (some pathogens eat heavy metals). Most importantly, mercury is a deadly neurotoxin, so if you have them you should get them removed from your mouth and replaced with something nonmetallic ASAP, regardless of your health.

• You must not have foreign objects embedded in your body, such as metals from corrective surgery or plastic surgery involving augmentation or injection. An example would be breast or gluteal implants. Introducing a foreign object into your body will misalign it. It is a good chance the cancer won’t go away fully until the foreign material is removed, because the body may spend energy fighting off the foreign object rather than the cancer. If you have a very minor embedding, you may still qualify.

• You must not have a history of violence, paranoia, or any mental illness. During the two week test, it is important that the atmosphere be peaceful and drama-free.

That’s it! The two week test is supposed to be easy and casual. Because of this, there is nothing super-complicated about requirements. Also, most of these requirements are specifically for the test, in order to demonstrate the fastest recovery possible, and won’t be an issue afterwards in phase 2 of the timeline. If you or someone you know is interested in being a volunteer and wish to inquire about the requirements, e-mail here for more info: moc.esrevinmai@sreetnulovprm (Spelled backwards to thwart spam bots.) Responses will be sent based upon the order and amount of submissions received.