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Light Analogy

This light analogy is poetic, hence the word “analogy.” If you quote or tell anyone about what is written here, remember to mention that IT IS NOT PRECISE, IT IS POETIC. With that said, it being poetic doesn’t mean it’s not accurate, and doesn’t mean it’s not remarkably useful. It just means it’s a creative interpretation.

The human body can be likened to a beam of light, whose frequency is constantly raising slowly. The food you eat is either helping to raise or lower your frequency.

I would say 99.9% of food, coupled with the way people eat it around the world—including vegans, raw vegans, vegetarians, and even indigenous people—is lowering their frequency. Because the body is naturally constantly raising its vibration, you can eat food that only lowers your frequency a little, but you will still feel vibrant and energized because it only lowered you a little, in the face of the fact that the body wants fuel to continue raising its vibration.

I’ve learned what foods are best for raising the frequency of the body beyond the point of disease. It’s funny because it actually functions as a kind of trichotomy, largely consisting of nuts, leaves, and fruit. There is a lot more to it than that though, so eating nuts, leaves, and fruits as the mainstay of your diet won’t guarantee you’ll be healthier than a version of yourself that eats meat, or a version that eats junk food from time to time. The human body is designed to adapt and thrive in non-ideal conditions, and can “break the rules of nature” and be potentially better off than “following the rules.” Humans are equipped with the capacity to build upon the rules of nature, hence literally building technology as an extension of its mental and physical nature.

Interestingly enough, I don’t know of a single culture, tribe, or group of people that eat this “high vibrational” way. Not that they don’t exist, it’s just I’ve never heard of any. The kind of diet that raises the frequency of the body doesn’t involve any cooking whatsoever, so that alone knocks out most cultures and tribes. I think this is partially due to lack of nervous sensitivity—if you are generally in an introspective, Zen-like brain state, you will notice that a leaf of spinach can have as much flavor as a fully loaded-exploded jalapeño smoky 4D fire-cheddar Dorito chip. When not in that state, organic raw vegetable food will largely taste like water. But even then, there is more to it than that. All the various socio-cultural, climatic, spiritual, and historic reasons why humans eat foods that aren’t optimal is another story for another time.

I, in my learning, still do from time to time eat lower frequency foods, because I am a HAPPILY imperfect person, and think a lot of the lower frequency stuff tastes delicious. Nevertheless, this doesn’t negate what I’ve learned. I simply live life how I enjoy it, and don’t treat my body like a machine to be operated a certain way—I have the luxury not to, because I enjoy natural foods anyway. However, in extreme circumstances, you don’t have that luxury, and must fix what needs fixing, regardless of personal preferences.

MRP is here to implement what I’ve learned about all the different food types you can use to raise the frequency of the body beyond disease. Like quantifiable frequencies present in the colors of the rainbow (a shade of green is 526–606 THz), the body in a state of disease is a unique frequency, and the body in a state of health is a unique frequency. If you impose the frequency of health upon the unhealthy body through food and other techniques, you force the body to be healthy, and kill the virus and or whatever was the cause. This is why MRP will eventually test for curing AIDS/HIV. Viruses are made of geometrically bent light called “matter” too, just like the body. Thus, the virus is of a certain frequency, and can only exist in an environment of a certain bandwidth, and will die in others. Just like how you can live and thrive on Earth, but not on the Sun.

This light principle will be more applied towards the end of the MRP timeline, and will be the driving cause for the functioning of the MRA. Remember, this light analogy is somewhat poetic, but it is still correct.