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I’ve learned an extensive amount about pathogens by observing their activities in my body and others, and much of what I’ve learned goes against mainstream medical groupthink regarding their nature. The most important thing I’ve learned about them is how to get rid of them.

The term depath stands for depathogenation, just how the term detox means detoxification. It’s a term I coined for specifically targeting and removing pathogens. Here’s a little vocab lesson:

Depath = Depathogenation

Detox = Detoxification

Detox; Depath

Detoxification; Depathogenation

Detoxify; Depath
I don’t want to create too many new words. In daily use, “depath” sounds just as correct as “detoxify.” Example: “I’m going to detoxify my body. I’m going to depath my body.” The usage is the same as “I’m going to detox my body.”

Detoxing; Depathing


Detoxification is the removal of toxins, and depathogenation is the removal of pathogens.

Most diseases we face on Earth are due to pathogens specifically, and not toxins.

Pathogens and toxins can obviously both be deadly, but pathogens are significantly worse. For the vast majority of people, the challenge of health is the challenge of pathogens, because most people know not to put deadly poisons in their body, while pathogens enter the body in ways unsuspected. Pathogens can come from any number of sources; a doorknob, food, a toilet seat, and even from sex with a life partner. Unlike exotic poisons, pathogens aren’t consciously expected to be where they’re unknowingly contracted. Pathogens are almost-invisible, self-aware killers, with little more agenda than destroying aspects of their host for proliferation. Another thing that makes them so much worse than toxins is that they are intelligent, and have all the tools needed to fulfill their one-track goal.

Imagine a toxin that knew it was a toxin, and purposely sought to perpetuate its existence by hurting others—that’s a pathogen. Pathogens are considerably worse than toxins because there aren’t any popular, easy methods for killing them off. The IACG recently sent a report to the United Nations about this being a global crisis, hosted on the World Health Organization’s website. The antibiotics commonly used in the medical industry don’t fully kill off pathogens deep inside the body, because pathogens can move, morph, and adapt to various environments. Surface pathogens? Yes; there are topical medicines you can take to eradicate them, but if they are inside your body, there is little that can be done to reverse body-colonization through mainstream medical practices. A paragon of this is HIV/AIDS (and basically all other diseases that you can live with that have no mainstream medicinal cure). You can lower the count, but not kill them off entirely.

This is where depath comes in.

Using certain protocols, hygiene rituals, and a specific diet, there are ways you can kill and remove pathogens, just as easily as you can remove toxins.

The pathogens live in your body because it has all it needs—food, water, safety, and shelter. Depath removes all of those things from the pathogen, and directly destroys the pathogen in the process. By removing the food, water, safety and shelter, you prohibit other pathogens from taking the dead pathogens place, and thus stay healthy.

MRP is detox-depath, and is what separates it from all other detox programs, cleansers, antiviral and antibiotic treatments, medicines, and methods.

Relative to MRP, depath is the fundamental component to being effective. It is removing the prime disease-causing magnets out of the body, and removing the main reason for all misalignment. Pathogens are the magnets that not only misalign the body, they create more and more magnets that misalign the body to death. Depath stops this fatal circus and allows the body to properly realign itself, and more easily remove benign misaligning magnets like toxins. Naturally, the body can realign itself, but without depath, it cannot. Depath gives your body back its ability to naturally perform MRP upon itself.