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Magnetic Geometry Model

The magnetic geometry model is a way for explaining matter and energy, and explaining human biology. This model goes against conventional physics, and as such, much of the concepts require new terms from a new lexicon to represent the relationship of one material to the next. Creating all that would be a bit much for this one page. As such, a new model is being proposed using old model language—bear with me.

“The human body” is a geometric structure. What gives it its shape and solidity is a configuration of electromagnetic fields. So in this model, “matter” is just a geometric shape of light. The complexity of the shape determines what is called “protons,” “neutrons,” and “electrons,” and all other subatomic particles. The fact that matter is light, is why phenomena like this, and this are able to occur.

The human body is unique, insofar as it is a vessel that allows a focus of consciousness to experience physicality in a certain format. The human body functions as a kind of physical periscope for nonphysical consciousness.

The unique focus of consciousness is expressed physically as DNA. “The body” is an outwards representation of the DNA blueprint.

Everything is literally one thing, and because of this axiomatic fact, all expressions of force and materiality are different geometric patterns of the same one substance of existence. Because there is only one substance, it can do whatever it wants with regard to its shape, and thus can make constructs of geometry so super-complex, it can seem like individual objects are separate, when really they are not. On the macro level it’s easy for stuff to seem separate because of the limits of human perception, for instance a room full of air looks the same as a room with no air. This oneness quality is one of the reasons gravity applies to all expressions of regular matter. “Gravity” is resultant of the fact that everything is literally already one, and thus objects naturally “come together” and thus “act as one” based upon mass (gravity’s a bit more complex than that, but that’s a separate topic).

Without getting too involved in physics, the human body is a configuration of magnetic substance, in a unique, super-complex geometric shape. Disease and illness comes about when you introduce a configuration too dissimilar from its DNA blueprint. The reason why DNA is the blueprint, is because that is how the geometric environment of the planet is structured—that’s just how the biological machines are built on Earth, which itself is a geometric structure. On other planets there may be other ways for entities to express themselves physically.

In this context, a piece of matter is a magnet, and a magnet is a super-complex geometric shape of magnetism itself, analogous to a thin piece of paper representing magnetism, and a million pieces of paper organized together so uniquely you can’t tell its paper, which represents the magnet. This geometric principle is expressed in all forms of materiality, for example, the fact that ice doesn’t look like steam. The geometry of steam and ice are similar enough for humans to perceive their relationship of being “different matter states of H2O.”

“Disease” is healed when the misaligned geometry of the body is brought back into alignment with the DNA blueprint. Ways you affect the geometry is through food, medicine, viruses, parasitic organisms, exposure to certain EMFs like sunlight, technology, personal psychology, and general lifestyle. The blueprint and the geometry of your body is always changing somewhat, but what matters is how you change it. If you have a perfectly working machine, such as a car, and you put gas in it, it will work fine. If you put chocolate syrup in it, it won’t get very far. The geometry called “a car,” and the geometry called “chocolate syrup” dictates that putting the syrup where gas should be will misalign the car. This same thing happens with the human body. A glass of clean water won’t misalign the body. A glass of pan-fried bacon grease will. But since the body is alive and intelligent, it can realign itself somewhat, but year after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year of misaligning behavior makes it harder for the body to correct the misalignment. This is why older people are more prone to disease. What way and how long the body manifests misalignment depends on the person. Someone may smoke regularly their whole life and not get lung cancer, and someone else may smoke to the same capacity for 30 years and die from it.

Long story short, if you have a large group of organized magnets forming a stable, working structure, introducing a bunch of other magnets with the wrong polarity positioning will ruin that structure. That’s where food, viruses, your mind, etc. come in. Your body is a structure of magnets designed to behave a certain way, and if you introduce other magnetic influences that disrupt that bodily structure, you get cancer, the flu, asthma, chicken pox, blindness, tooth decay, etc. MRP is a specifically designed protocol to realign the misaligned magnets.