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Volunteer Sign-up

Not much information is needed. All that is necessary is the following:

• Proof of stage 1 or stage 2 cancer.

• Phone number.

• Address.

• Birthday.

• An unedited screenshot of some formal ID, for instance a driver’s license.

• You must be 18 or older, but if you have parents or guardians you live under or that take care of you, you must offer proof of their consenting to you coming to do the two week test.

• A short video, maybe 30 seconds to a minute or two long, stating why you would like to do the test. You know my motives, now I would like to know your motives. If you are shy, send a recent photograph and write a little about yourself and why you want to do the test. A video is preferable however, because if you’re truly interested in doing MRP, which involves staying with me for two weeks, you should be happy to reveal who you are beforehand to break the ice. Obviously, I’ll make sure to properly go over things with whomever is chosen.

That’s it. All of this is supposed to be as simple as possible. There are no business transactions so naturally there is no paperwork. E-mail here with all the information necessary: moc.esrevinmai@sreetnulovprm (Spelled backwards to thwart spam bots.) Responses will be sent based upon the order and amount of submissions received.