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Two Week Test

The two week test can be likened to heaven and hell.

The first week will be hell. It is the week of great realignment, which will result in various forms of purging. This is largely a reference to having symptoms of dark colored urine and extreme fatigue. You will feel tired, even after waking up from an eight hour sleep. Your body will have an “I’ve worked long and hard all day” feeling from waking to sleep. Also, it will be somewhat hellish for some, because you will have to get used to eating only raw produce—for some people, that would be relatively torturous.

The second week will be heaven. After your body is done realigning, it will then spend most of its energy fixing, rebuilding, and allowing itself to as perfectly express the blueprint of your DNA as possible. Probably by the end of the second week your skin will begin to clear, and damage you thought would never heal will at the very least begin to feel better; e.g., “a bad knee” or other joint that most people would have to have surgery on. You may even begin to lose some facial wrinkles. (You may begin to lose some wrinkles all over the body.) This occurs because most wrinkles are due to loss of the magnetic-like quality of the skin. The skin stops sticking to the flesh, and the flesh to the bones. I only mention this because I know facial wrinkles are of concern to many people, especially women—I plan on in the future creating a product that can significantly reduce wrinkling of the skin. Right now, most modern day wrinkle removers don’t literally remove wrinkles, they introduce toxins that temporarily give the appearance of removing wrinkles. The popular Botox literally means “botulinum toxin.” My product will literally have the skin return back to its tighter, un-wrinkled state. It is something totally separate to MRP though, I just thought it’d be a fun tidbit to mention.

The only reason such a dramatic transformation requires only two weeks is because it is an extremely strict program that is tailored to the person. Also, I know exactly what I’m doing, so the process won’t have hiccups. For instance, I know that you have to eat some of the produce to a certain schedule, and the produce must be ripened to a certain stage or else MRP won’t work. Little stuff like knowing how most fruits ripen will make everything happen extremely fast.

Another reason it only requires two weeks is because the person doing the test must be anywhere from average to thin in size. Adipose (fat tissue) harbors toxicity, and the more adipose a person has, the longer the realignment process will take. In the future, after the test has been completed, people of all sizes and shapes will be welcomed. For now, it would be ideal for a person to be average or thin, because it will take the shortest amount of time to realign.