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Rules and Routine

Decorum at the MRP center will be casual, but with rules. The daily routine will be different for different people. I, Carlton, will basically function as a homeowner and the person with cancer will function as a two-week house guest. The overall process will be very simple.

In general, the person with cancer will have to adhere to a strict diet, and lifestyle rules.

• No going out to eat, and no preparing your own meals. You can help me prepare the food but don’t buy, bring, or make anything unsupervised. All food and drink will be prepared and provided in the house at a certain schedule. The term “preparing” is a bit misleading however, because most of the food will consist of raw produce.

• No smoking, alcohol, caffeine, or drug use of any kind, whatsoever. If you take medication, talk to your pharmacist or doctor and be sure it’s okay for you to not take it for two weeks. If it’s not okay, then you do not qualify for the two week test.

• Absolutely no cosmetics of any kind. No make-up, no hair extensions, etc. This isn’t a fashion show; you don’t have to impress anyone.

• No bodily accessories or decoration other than regular clothing. This includes all types of rings and bodily insertions, such as a wedding ring, earrings, toe rings, and dentures. Dentures consist of potentially misaligning materials such as heavy metals. Hair clips, eyeglasses, and contacts are fine, but not preferred. The ideal situation would entail no accessories at all, whatsoever. During the MRP, your pierced body parts may begin to close themselves—this must be taken into consideration beforehand.

• No manufactured body care products, even the ones marketed as natural and organic. There are different alternatives you can make at the house. For instance, no store-bought mouthwash. Instead, you can use blended ginger and water with a few dates for sweetener.

• No leaving the house for extended periods of time (this is a relative measurement). Doing so can lead to eating or being exposed to smoke or something else that will ruin the MRP. For the first week, you will probably be so tired and lethargic you won’t want to leave the house.

• No weapons.

• No extremely loud noises, such as loud music. Loud music can be extremely misaligning and can damage your ears, thus making the process take longer because your body has to spend energy realigning your eardrum to a molecular and cellular position representative of before you damaged them with the noise.

• Act like a decent, kind, relatively peaceful person. The house is a drama-free zone.

There will be books to read, video games, movies, and an opportunity for you to bring stuff to do. There will also be more specific house rules that will be explained either over the phone and or mentioned in person if necessary. There are so many small details it would be pointless to post them all here. For instance, most people know not to watch TV too close to the screen for extended amounts of time—stuff like that applies, but doesn’t need to be formally addressed unless it’s an issue.