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Pictorial Explanation

MRP is all about environment. The two week test is me setting up an environment to remove the cancer. Here is a simple pictorial explanation of this environment phenomenon.

A snowflake is a complex geometric shape requiring a certain environment to exist as that structure.


In the correct environment, a snowflake can literally exist for as long as that environment exists.


Snowflakes thrive in this environment.


Snowflakes don’t thrive in this environment.

It’s structural geometry would degrade into an evaporating drop of water.


Notice how the structural geometry of wood doesn’t bode well in an environment of fire.


See how elementary and simple this basic concept of MRP is?

There are more concepts behind how MRP works, but this geometry principle is an important one.

This simple principle of environment shaping the geometry of a structure applies to humans as well. If you have cancer, you must change the environment of your body sufficiently to perpetuate the geometry of health. That is what all forms of healing is. When you are sick, “medicine” is just a unique form of structural geometry that helps put your body back into the shape it was in prior to sickness. All biological processes of “drinking” or “eating” and your body doing anything at all, are just expressions of how the geometry of your body naturally operates, involving complex configurations of attraction and repulsion called “motion.”


Here are some poetic visuals of what is meant by the body being a group of magnets,

and being an expression of structural, functional geometry: