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General Statement

The basic theory behind MRP is that the human body is a magnetic, geometric configuration, dictated by DNA. The entire concept of “disease” is simply an entity’s bodily magnetic geometry being in a configuration too different from the one dictated by its DNA. This can occur through food, virus, parasitic organisms, exposure to certain EMFs, personal psychology, and general lifestyle.

Right now, MRP is a test to cure cancer, but it wasn’t created to just cure cancer. It was made to cure almost every if not every illness known to man, including AIDS/HIV, influenza, and even certain physical traumas such as torn ligaments and tendons, and others—common and exotic alike. In MRP, there are different techniques and approaches towards curing that particular illness or affliction. Cancer is just a big one that needs to be publicly vanquished first.

Out of all the millions if not billions of dollars spent for merely “spreading cancer awareness,” throwing money away on sources that essentially pledge to do nothing to solve the problem being promoted is far too common. There is even a month for it. And a day for it. The pink ribbon associated with breast cancer has been reduced to a fashion statement, wherein there are clothes, expensive sneakers, and entire events based around doing nothing about curing the actual disease. Letting the world know what cancer is and how it can possibly be prevented is an exceptionally beautiful thing, but that beauty is superficial in face of the fact that there are people that have actually, demonstrably cured cancer—there are documented cases wherein doctors have cured their cancer patient with a unique method. The fact that there are also documented cases of these kinds of doctors being suppressed adds yet another layer to a farce that has gone on for far too long.

And speaking of treatments, many of the available cancer treatments cost an arm, a leg, and a first born. What good is a cancer treatment if the average cancer patient can’t even afford it? In fact, people raising money for cancer treatment is such a common stereotype, a site I was thinking of using to fund the MRP test has multiple categories just for cancer patients funding treatment. It’s about damn time someone does something simple and transparent with regard to how to cure cancer and funding that cure, and it’s about damn time people with cancer can get treatment at an affordable cost—for free. With your help, that time can be now.

Carlton Cole