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Mosquito Bites

A formula for mosquito bite relief is simple, but has a twist if you are outdoors.

Formula #1

Raw honey, preferably dark. NOT REGULAR HONEY; RAW HONEY. Go with the kind that is in a jar and somewhat solidified; not the liquid raw honey, ideally. Raw honey sellers can lie, but chemicals cannot. One thing I’ve noticed is that raw honey can easily maintain a thick, peanut-butter-like consistency that regular honey doesn’t normally create, so to avoid common fraud, just get the paste-like raw honey in a jar, not the squeezable kind.

If you are outdoors or in an area with bugs, or not in cold weather, you will need extra things to keep the bugs away from you. Raw honey is a bug magnet like no other. It not only attracts bees (all types, bumblebees included), it attracts wasps, ants, and various other types of bugs that will annoy you to no end. To transform this attraction into repulsion, you’ll need the following:

You have to cover the raw honey covered bite with something, and there are different ways to go about it:

Tape with cotton ball or paper.

Bandage with or without wound-pad. The bandage must be non-antibacterial; meaning it must not have chemicals that kill bacteria on it. Most adhesive bandages (“Band-Aids”) have antibacterial stuff on the white cloth that can interfere with the chemicals of the raw honey.

Vinegar, garlic, or onion. This will repel the bugs. Essential oils aren’t recommended because some of them can attract bugs themselves.



Place just enough raw honey on the bite so that it covers it. The amount of raw honey needed will most likely be smaller than a dime. You don’t have to overdo it, or it will make for a bigger target for bugs to sense.

Place the bandage or tape with cotton wrap over the raw honey on the mosquito bite.

Make sure the covering covers all the openings for the raw honey, or else bugs will still sense it. A regular band aid will probably only cover half, so you’ll have to use two and make a plus sign or star.

Next, put the repellant over the covering. Just wipe vinegar on and around the area, or crust up or blend some garlic with a bit of water, or use some store-bought garlic paste and put it over the covering—treat the onion the same as the garlic. All you need is to mask the raw honey scent with the repellent scent.


There you have it! If you are in a cold weather environment or are staying indoors, you only need the raw honey on the spot and that’s it, because there are no bugs to repel.