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Re-aligning Seasonal Allergies

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, a cure for a runny nose and other common symptoms attributed to “seasonal allergies.” Anyone that’s experienced this ailment knows how hellishly torturous it is, especially in the face of the non-solutions offered commercially, along with equally unhelpful how-to’s online.

First things first, “seasonal allergies” are not seasonal allergies.

Here’s a small lesson on the cause of the symptoms mislabeled and misdiagnosed “seasonal allergies”:

Pathogens are self-aware microorganisms that live inside the human body, and are usually only noticed when they’ve gotten out of hand. These creatures eat, excrete, and breed, and have behavior cycles. This is one topic I’m learning about, but I’ve observed and examined it enough to speak on it: I’ve noticed that many—if not all—pathogens have a type of hibernation period. Pathogens “go dormant” in the winter, and “go hyperactive” in the summer. I believe it has something to do with either seasonal EMFs or HDEMFs of the planet, and I will write/speak more on this topic in the future as I learn more. This energy shift signals animals to leave certain environments (migration) and behave unique ways for winter (hibernation and other behaviors), thanks to a natural, bio-compass system some animals seem to have. The compass is used in various ways to relate to the planet’s local HDEMFs/EMFs. Long story short, mentality is a substance, and animal minds are tuned to Earth’s mind. It’s not just weather temperature, because if it was that simple, bears, ants, and bees would go hibernate the first cold day in summer, and that’s obviously not the case. It’s not just “it’s hot, time for this behavior, it’s cold, time for this behavior”—that’s part of it but it’s totally more complex. This hibernation ability is what allows people to have “seasonal allergies,” wherein the pathogens get hyperactive and raise hell, usually in the sinuses. Then comes the burning, runny nose, stuffy nose, and all the other attributes mislabeled as “hay fever,” pollen or ragweed allergies, even though these symptoms can occur without pollen or ragweed present. This misdiagnosis is so ingrained in our society, even dictionary definitions of hay fever blame it on pollen or even dust.

Here are two formulas for stopping a runny nose in its tracks. This method works better than any of the popular drugs for runny nose, because these formulas get to the root cause of the issue, and don’t rely on brand-name placebo effects involving toxic, unnatural drugs. The next time you get a runny nose and use a drug to stop it, focus on the runny nose and don’t expect it to just stop. Focus on the burning and the unstoppable running of mucus, and you’ll probably notice the drug doesn’t work much at all, and if it does, it will only work for a very short time period until the sensation comes back again. If you do the same experiment with my formulas, it won’t matter how hard you focus on the symptoms, they will have no choice but to transform.

Click here for Formula #1

Click here for Formula #2