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Detoxification is removing toxins from the body.

Also, upon doing some research online, some claim detoxification is a hoax (if you search “detoxification” on google it’s one of the top results). The reality is you witness your body detoxify every time you sweat, urinate or defecate. The body is intelligent and self-aware, and its various processes are logical—basically all excretions made by the body is a detoxification product, even tears.

Relative to MRP, toxins are anything that inhibits the body from alignment with its template that is not a pathogen.

Toxins aren’t as bad as pathogens, and pathogens are the true core cause of common bodily disease—not toxins, so much. Although toxins are destructive and disruptive, they lack the capacity to consciously travel and self-replicate, and can be easily removed with the correct technique.

There are natural toxins the body produces and then expels or chemically transforms, such as lactic acid. There are others that don’t have names. Just know that being alive means your body will produce natural wastes through energy-exchange with its environment, and the idea is that you would naturally detoxify with the foods you eat. However, people don’t eat detoxifying foods, people eat foods with high amounts of toxins, and these toxins build, and build, and build, and build, and build, and it gets even worse because the toxins feed the pathogens, which not only create their own wastes, but then the pathogens breed and their offspring create even more waste as well. (Unlike modern medical proposed theories, pathogens feed and excrete like basically all animals. Viruses don’t just replicate infinitely with no energy source. Pathogens undergo energy conversion and create waste, like humans.) The toxins stay in the human’s body, and can be transferred to the offspring from the mother, and the cycle continues.

Now we have the grand opportunity to break this cycle of poison and remove blocks our forefathers and mothers didn’t know existed. MRP and the CC protocols are a potent method for transforming this legacy of pain we were given to transform.

Getting back to the subject of what toxins are, obviously they are not all natural. There are unnatural toxins that exist solely thanks to lack of critical thinking skills, arrogance, disrespect for human life, and modern innovation, wherein inventors and governments think it’s a good idea to purposefully poison themselves and their communities for some convenience, with an ignored, corresponding inconvenience. Some examples of these inventions are hairsprays, cleaning products, gas-fueled vehicles, stoves, air fresheners, and food coloring and flavoring—all of which have nontoxic alternatives or versions. As a collective, we all know we are poisoning ourselves, but again, the vast majority don’t care because all of the pollution seems “harmless,” and culturally, human life doesn’t have much value—only money does. If there was a billion-dollar quantum super-computer available, people and governments would work to keep it in great shape and treat it with respect, à la the large hadron collider, whereas those same governments and people couldn’t care less about perpetuating a global culture of self-destruction.

This isn’t about mandating a healthy lifestyle—outlawing pizza and forcing the masses to eat raw broccoli, or suffer the consequences of public execution in the town square. This isn’t about prohibiting toxic yet fun things people love, like smoking plants and drinking alcohol, this is about the fact that—as a collective—humanity and it’s chosen governing bodies have created a social structure wherein the buying and selling of extremely toxic substances is commercially fine, even when there are non-poisonous alternatives. A prime example of this is the mercury tooth-fillings phenomenon, wherein dentists across the US put a heavy metal neurotoxin into the mouths of millions of people each year, in the face of ceramic alternatives. In a sane society, taking a deadly liquid metal and putting it in a child’s mouth would be a crime, not common practice. Thankfully, there are dentists that remove mercury amalgams and don’t use them on patients at all.

I’ve experimented vigorously with detox and depath, and I can speak with authority that most online detoxes are not real detoxes. A detox is not a real detox if:

It involves fasting.

It consists of mostly dead herbs. Real detoxes involve mostly living herbs and fruit. By definition, a dead herb is mid-process of breaking down into dust/soil, whereas a living plant is fully intact and is thus more capable of doing its job than its broke down counterpart. Dead herbs and plant material in general aren’t useless, but if the majority of the detox is dead then it’s not as effective as it could be.

It involves animal products (raw honey is an exception).

It doesn’t involve at least 5 ingredients (including herbs and fruit). I have yet to find a miracle substance that can remove toxins throughout the whole body effectively. I find certain substances do different things. One may be good for flushing the system, another may be good for latching on to heavy metals.

It only cleans one organ. It’s common to find a colon detox, a liver detox, brain detox, etc. targeting specific organs only, as if the body isn’t one organism, and that even within that train of thought, as if cleaning one specific organ wouldn’t just allow the toxins in the other organs to make their way back to the newly clean organ thanks to the toxic blood. Detox is a whole-body thing. If you aren’t being cleansed from your head to your toes, you aren’t being very detoxified.

It has vinegar or alcohol in it. Those substances are both toxic, although not equally so.

It isn’t a dietary program for at least a month. I’ve found that having a detox tea/smoothie/drink every now and then does little, especially since most diets, even the popular “healthy” ones like paleo, Atkins, and veganism permit toxic foods, so you you’re removing and adding toxins simultaneously.

The fad detoxes, such as the cayenne pepper cleanse, lemonade detox, etc. don’t do much, and thus aren’t real detoxes. However, there are some real, actual, decent ones out there, such as the ones promoted by Medical Medium, although most if not all of his are not full-body, full-scale detoxes, and are for specific purposes.


Relative to MRP, toxins function as disruptive magnets, only serving to misalign the body from its natural template. When the body is thoroughly detoxed, it is closer to that template, and the person will feel and think differently about what to eat, what music to listen to, what people to hang around, and watch media to watch, because when you detox your body you detox your entire nervous system.

Detox is multidimensional. The personality, life events, opportunities and destiny of a detoxed person is not the same as their highly toxic counterpart. Detoxing your body can be a great step to detoxing your life. Although detoxing may not automatically give you a million dollars, you’ll sure feel like a million dollars, when done correctly. Getting detoxed gives you a new sense of awareness, and changes what you are attracted and repelled to, because more of your core-self is able to shine through your physical body.

Thorough, real detoxifying isn’t just cleaning up your biological room that is your body,

it is cleaning the window of your soul, and allows your soul to more

easily re-identify and redefine who and what you are.