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If you are squeamish or easily disturbed by grotesque medical photos of disease,

do not view the following media.

There is no alteration to the photos or videos whatsoever (no edits; no photoshop). I’m not a professional photographer, and I don’t pretend to be one. I wanted the demo to be “unclean,” so I didn’t use any products on my body whatsoever—no lotions, oils, cleansers, lip balm or anything. I didn’t want to be unnaturally polished.

Because the media is raw and unedited, be prepared to see all sorts of normally-embarrassing bodily features, such as dried nasal mucus (boogers). Fun fact: Boogers are a natural bodily reaction to dirty air and/or pathogens in the nose and sinuses. Crust in the eyes and eye boogers are the same phenomenon, so if you wake up in the morning with crust in your eyes—which isn’t uncommon—that means there are pathogens living on and inside your eyes that should be removed. The crust and boogers are your body’s attempt to stop the pathogens from doing more damage.

Also, with certain angles I look super-creepy, especially my eyes…upon seeing the photos even I was creeped out!

Click here to see a public demonstration of MRP,

specifically the CC Anti-Aging/Anti-Wrinkle Protocol

and the CC Detox-Depath Protocol.