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Light Analogy

Before Protocols

Along with MRP, I am doing an anti-aging project, of which MRP is a part. I consciously, purposefully gave myself wrinkles, which is the ultimate sign of aging, so I could demonstrate my ability to remove them. I would have given myself liver spots and grey hair, but manifesting those qualities in a short time requires sustained periods of stress and toxicity that mostly accumulates in humans within 70 years. Grey hair, balding, liver spots, and other expressions of senescence manifest because of various reasons, and aren’t directly resultant of pathogenic behavior. The wrinkles were uncomfortable to generate, and the excessive pathogenic behavior I created in myself was painful enough, so I left it at that. The wrinkles I’ve given myself are not simple dehydration lines, they are the deep-seated sagging of facial musculature. The skin and muscles are detaching from the skull and misaligning their relative positions, which creates noticeable creases. In the future, I will publicly demonstrate how to get rid of those other senescence attributes with the help of other people’s documented process.

I consciously, purposefully made myself seriously diseased with various pathogens and toxins. I built them up into a dramatic display of bodily chaos, so I could demonstrate my ability to completely transform the situation, and cure all the various diseases. It was very painful and even a bit humiliatingI got staresbut it was all worth it.

Exaggerated smiling and squinting were done to display wrinkles. My shirt is off to show pathogens of the chest region. I tried different types of flash and aperture settings on the camera, so some pics look various combinations of warmer, cooler, brighter, and darker than others. I took many pictures because the camera wouldn’t always produce a sharp photo, and would blur things I wanted to focus upon.

The photos’ thumbnails may appear to need rotation, but when you click on them, they should look correct. This has to do with the photos’ meta data not being read by the browser as thumbnail links, for some reason. All photos are horizontal, but the meta data instructs the viewing application to rotate it 90 degrees when it should be viewed vertically.

Videos and Photos Taken October 5th, 2019




Because I’m keeping the media unedited, sites can’t play the video as a thumbnail like it can MP4 files. These video files are MTS files, must be downloaded because browsers can’t play it, and can play with most video players. VLC player is recommended.


Photos Taken October 7th, 2019

I wasn’t sure if I took enough photos, and really wanted to make sure I got it right before depathogizing. Once you kill them off, it’s annoying and painful to grow them back.